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It’s a tale as old as time; your bedroom doesn’t have enough storage space for all your clothes, shoes and other miscellaneous belongings. However, there is one area that you may have underlooked – the space beneath your bed! With a little creativity, a splash of ingenuity and some light DIY magic, this area can become an invaluable storage spot.

We’ve put together seven under-bed storage ideas that will assist you in making the most out of your bedroom space. 

Let’s dive in!

  1. Rolling Bins or Drawers 

One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to store items under your bed is to use rolling bins or drawers. These can be found at most home goods stores like Argos and Ikea, and can be a terrific solution for storing extra linens, clothing and shoes so they don’t take up the precious cupboard and floor space in your room. For a more refined look, dress up your standard wooden drawers with knobs and metal accents that match your bedroom’s general aesthetic.

2. Vacuum Seal Bags  

Vacuum seal bags can be a game-changer if you have bulky items like Duvet or pillows that take up a lot of space. Used properly, these bags compress your items and can reduce their size by up to 80%, which allows you to easily store them under the space in your bed, which would not have been possible before.

As an added bonus, this method will protect your items from dust and moisture, leaving them in a clean and pristine condition for whenever you need to make use of them. This is ideal for seasonal clothing or linens you only need to access on odd occasions and not on a daily basis (like towels). If you have a beautiful outfit that only comes out to play during special occasions, this plan will work a charm – especially if your clothing is prone to dreaded moth attacks.

3. DIY Under-Bed Storage Boxes/Safes

If you’re handy with tools (or you have a friend who is), you can craft your very own under-bed storage boxes. These can be customised to fit all your specific needs (such as your bed size) and can be a great solution for storing seasonal clothing. This space beneath the bed is a great place to keep a safe or locked box — and for bonus movement capacities, get one equipped with wheels. You can fill this safe with the important items you don’t frequently access, such as personal documents and valuables. No more worrying about them hidden away in the back of the cupboard under last year’s linen!

4. Bed Raiser with Built-In Storage 

Bed raisers are a fantastic way to add extra height to your bed, which can create more storage space underneath. Some bed raisers even come with built-in storage compartments, which can be a convenient spot to store shoes or excess linens that refuse to fit with all the others in that overflowing cupboard. 

5. Hanging Organisers 

If you like to see all your stuff together, then another option for under-bed storage is hanging organisers. Hang these devices from the bottom of your bed. They can be an excellent solution for storing things like handbags, belts or similar items you don’t need to worry about crumpling up. You can also see them arranged in an array so you can oversee all your options at once and make a decision depending on the outfit you’ve prepared for the day.

6. Pegboard 

Another solution for a unique under-bed storage solution is using a pegboard. You can attach the pegboard to the bottom of your bed frame and then use hooks to hang items like jewellery or hats. Have a good and long hard look at exactly the type of items you need to store before you make a decision for the kind of under-bed design you’ll land on, as certain items will flourish with a pegboard, while others will get crumpled or out of shape.

7. Bedside Caddy 

If you have a bedroom on the smaller side, you might need more space for a nightstand. A bedside caddy can be an excellent solution for holding your essentials close at hand. You can hang these caddies from the side of your bed, and they can be a great place to store things like your phone, glasses, or a book at night after you’re done with them.

With a bit of creativity with these simple and easily implementable storage solutions, you can turn your bedroom area into a functional and organised space without compromising the integrity of your items!

Decluttering your bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task either – take the time to review your bedroom objects and evaluate what should go where and what stands out before you decide to change the area beneath your bed.

For more storage solutions that can’t be resolved with the space you have in your home, visit Indoor Self Storage, where we will provide a personal storage solution to allow you to store your excess stuff while still allowing easy access to them when needed.

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